Mathematical Control Theory - Eduardo D. Sontag

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Tema: Matematika
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Naslov: Mathematical Control Theory - 2th 
Autor(i): Eduardo D. Sontag 
Izdavač: Springer 
Godina: 1990 
Povez: mek 
Strana: 531 
Format: 24 cm 
Pismo: English 
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- Introduction  What Is Mathematical Control Theory?  Proportional-Derivative Control  Digital Control  Feedback Versus Precomputed Control  State-Space and Spectrum Assignment  Outputs and Dynamic Feedback  Dealing with Nonlinearity  A Brief Historical Background  Some Topics Not Covered Systems  - Basic Definitions 
 I/O Behaviors  Discrete-Time  Linear Discrete-Time Systems  Smooth Discrete-Time Systems  Continuous-Time  Linear Continuous-Time Systems  Linearizations Compute Differentials  More on Differentiability  Sampling  Volterra Expansions  Notes and Comments  - Reachability and Controllability  - Nonlinear Controllability  - Feedback and Stabilization  - Outputs  - Observers and Dynamic Feedback  - Optimality: Value Function  - Optimality: Multipliers  - Optimality: Minimum-Time for Linear Systems  - Appendix: Linear Algebra  - Appendix: Differentials  - Appendix: Ordinary Differential Equations 


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