Mathematical Physiology, Keener, Sneyed

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Mathematical Physiology

Field: Cellular Physiology

Authors: J. Keener, J. Sneyed

Contains a variety of physiological problems and the current and new mathematical techniques used in this area

Numerous exercises and models are included

Of interest both to applied mathematicians and quantitative physiologists

Front Matter

Pages i-xxv

Biochemical Reactions Pages 1-47

Cellular Homeostasis Pages 49-119

Membrane Ion Channels

Pages 121-173

Passive Electrical Flow in Neurons

Pages 173-195


Pages 195-228

Wave Propagation in Excitable Systems

Pages 229-271

Calcium Dynamics

Pages 273-346

Intercellular Communication

Pages 347-384

Neuroendocrine Cells

Pages 385-426

Regulation of Cell Functions

Pages 427-470

Back Matter

There has been a long history of interaction between mathematics and physiology. This book looks in detail at a wide selection of mathematical models in physiology, showing how physiological problems can be formulated and studied mathematically, and how such models give rise to interesting and challenging mathematical questions. With its coverage of many recent models it gives an overview of the field, while many older models are also discussed, to put the modern work in context.

In this second edition the coverage of basic principles has been expanded to include such topics as stochastic differential equations, Markov models and Gibbs free energy, and the selection of models has also been expanded to include some of the ...


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