The Huawei Story - Tian Tao, Wu Chunbo

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Godina izdanja: 2015
ISBN: 978-93-515-0068-1
Jezik: Engleski
Oblast: Menadžment
Autor: Strani

The book by Tian Tao and Wu Chunbo is an extraordinary research effort, to analyze and describe a very complex reality and a very special entrepreneur. Huawei is a prominent company among the most successful and most internationalized in China. This book offers insights to Western readers, allowing them to truly understand Huawei, its management philosophy and culture, and the special leadership approaches of Ren Zhengfei. 

It is a very valuable work to understand entrepreneurship in our complex world 
Foreword Simon Murray 
Foreword Admiral William (Bill) A. Owens 
Acknowledgments Introduction—Business Management Philosophy: 
The Mysterious Driver of Huawei`s Success 
1. Common Sense and Truth: Customer Centricity 
2. Soul of Business: Dedication Is the Key to Success 
3. Openness: A Matter of Life and Death 
4. Compromise: The Law of the Jungle 
5. Grayness: Gathering a Hundred Thousand Intellectuals 
6. Self-Criticism: A Sense of Fear Makes Greatness 
7. Change: Revolution or Evolution 
8. Strategy: Fight with Courage and Wisdom 
9. Balance: Power, Flexibility, and Rule 


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