Tube guitar preamp by Engl E-530

Lokacija: Novi Sad (Srbija, Novi Sad)
Vrsta: Električna gitara
Stanje: Novo
Garancija: Ima

Tekst oglasa

It`s a tube guitar preamp made by ENGL E-530 schematics. Valve stages are the same as in original preamp, but speakersimulators are better. Two main channels Clean and Lead feature dedicated voicing sections, gain and volume controls for precision sound shaping and fine-tuning. The Gain Lo/Hi switch converts the clean channel to a Crunch and, in Lead channel, the sound spectrum encompasses everything from Heavy Crunch to Ultra Gain. With a 4-band voicing section featurind a midrange bandwidth and a Contour switch, the Lead channel is amazingly versatile. Stereo LineOut and SimOut give you a wide range of options - you can patch the preamp signal directly to a mixing console (record) and simultaneously drive an stereo power amp. The integrated stereo power amp will help you to practice with stereo headphones (hi-fi speakers, guitar cabinet).Take a look at another models in my web site Write me in English to

Cena: 280,00 EUR