Psihologija - Transakciona analiza

Lokacija: Beograd - ostalo (Srbija, Beograd)

Tekst oglasa

Ukoričene fotokopije - na engleskom jeziku. Super stanje.
1-Cathexis Reader: Transactional Anaysis 
   Treatment of Psychosis by Jacqui Lee Schiff ... 200 din
2-T A Today: A New Introduction to Transactio-
   nal Analysis by Ian Stewart, Vann Joines    ... 200 din
3-Changing Lives Through Redecision Therapy
   by Mary McClure Goulding, Robert L. Goulding .. 200 din  
4-The Power Is in the Patient: 
   A Ta/Gestalt Approach to Psychotherapy
    by Mary McClure Goulding, Robert L. Goulding.. 200 din
5-Scripts People Live: Transactional Analysis 
   of Life Scripts by Claude Steiner           ... 200 din

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