Mikrofoni za studio

Lokacija: Požarevac (Srbija, Požarevac)
Kategorije: Žičani mikrofoni
Stanje: Novo
Garancija: Nema

Tekst oglasa

Akg C214 Stereo set, nov, neraspakovan, originalan, fiksno, bez zamena. Professional studio recording Professional stage miking Drum overhead miking Classic music recording Choir miking C 214 Stereo Set Absolutely perfectly matched stereo pair thanks to AKG's sophisticated computer-aided matching method A factory-matched pair of large diaphragm microphones for stunning, three-dimensional recordings Highest possible correlation over the whole frequency range and virtually identical sensitivity Created from thousands of individual microphones selected by AKG's sophisticated computer-aided matching method The cardioid-only version of the original C 414's capsule delivers AKG’ s Legendary Large Diaphragm Sound ...

Cena: 500,00 EUR