Dynamics and Bifurcations, Hale, Kocak

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Title: Dynamics and Bifurcations

Authors: (view affiliations) Jack K. Hale, Hü seyin Koç ak

Part of the book series: Texts in Applied Mathematics (TAM, volume 3)

Publisher: Springer Verlag



Front Matter Pages 1-2

Scalar Autonomous Equations Pages 3-23

Elementary Bifurcations Pages 25-65

Scalar Maps Pages 67-104

1 1/2 D

Front Matter Pages 105-106

Scalar Nonautonomous Equations Pages 107-132

Bifurcations of Periodic Equations Pages 133-146

On Tori and Circles Pages 147-166


Front Matter Pages 167-168

Planar Autonomous Systems Pages 169-215

Linear Systems Pages 217-264

Near Equilibria Pages 265-305

In the Presence of a Zero Eigenvalue Pages 307-332

In the Presence of Purely Imaginary Eigenvalues Pages 333-363

Periodic Orbits Pages 365-388

All Planar Things Considered Pages 389-411

Conservative and Gradient Systems Pages 413-441

Planar Maps Pages 443-494

2 1/2 + D

Front Matter Pages 495-496

2 1/2 + D

Dimension Two and One Half Pages 497-509

Dimension Three Pages 511-522

Dimension Four Pages 523-535

Back Matter Pages 537-571

The subject of differential and difference equations is an old and much-honored chapter in science, one which germinated in applied fields such as celestial mechanics, nonlinear oscillations, and fluid dynamics. In recent years, due primarily to the proliferation of computers, dynamical systems has once more turned to its roots in applications with perhaps a more mature look. Many of the available books and exp


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