Plac sa temeljom i dozvolom na Kopaoniku

Lokacija: Kopaonik (Srbija, Raška)

Stambeno -poslovna zona

Površina zemljišta: 280m2
Put do placa: Asfaltni put

Dodatne informacije

Struja, Voda, Kanalizacija, Uknjižen

Tekst oglasa

The largest mountain range in Serbia, Kopaonik extends from the northwest to the southeast for 80 km, and has a width of around 40 km in the middle. The highest section of Kopaonik is the spacious Ravni Kopaonik plateau around which rise Suvo Rudiste and Pancicev Vrh (the highest peak at 2017 m). Kopaonik gained its name from the Serbian word „kopati“ which means ‘to dig’ because of the rich ore resources which were mined here for centuries. Volcanic activity and the discharge of hot mineral solutions caused changes in the surrounding rocks, creating the rich Kopaonik mining region from which iron, lead and zinc were excavated. Due to its valuable ecosystem, Kopaonik became a national park in 1981. Kopaonik National Park covers an area of 11,810 hectares and based on the number of endemic species, it is one of Serbia’s most important biodiversity hotspots for endemic flora. Kopaonik’s important endemic and rare species include the Kopaonik houseleek (Sempervivum kopaonikensis), the Kopaonik violet (Viola kopaonikensis), Panciceva rezuha (Cardamine pancicii), Serbian flax, Pancicev vijuk and eidelweiss. Kopaonik’s rich variety of animal species deserve special attention, of which the Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Tawny Owl, Shore Lark, Common Crossbill, Eagle-Owl, dormouse, wildcat, fallow deer, amongst others, stand out. 


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